Facebook Supplier Quality Engineer - Electrical in Shanghai, China


You will take responsibility to make sure the materials purchased from the supplier meet the requirements Oculus defined covering product cosmetic, function and reliability through the lifecycle of the product. You will take responsibility to make sure the proper quality control and proactive monitoring system are in place in the supplier site from incoming to the shipping. You will do so by taking ownership in the product development stage to identify the potential process/product risks for advanced control and elimination. You will also work with the FATP quality engineers to have the proper IQC process setup and qualified for the commodities assigned to you.

Required Skills:

  1. Engage and work as a major part for the supplier identification, selection and qualification.

  2. Setup the quality plan in the supplier site and ensure the execution.

  3. Be the major part for the supplier process development, risk assessment, qualification and improvement.

  4. Set up the correlated quality control system between supplier and FATP IQC.

  5. Set up the proactive quality monitoring system including the review and reporting mechanism for the parts and suppliers assigned.

  6. Be responsible for the trouble shooting of EE materials quality issues and drive for the close loop.

  7. Drive the confidence level for OK2Ramp and OK2ship decision make and leading the review process with readiness preparation.

  8. Leading for the continuous improvement of yield

  9. Be responsible for overall process and quality readiness of the parts supply chain assigned

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor degree in technical and engineering.

  2. Technical background, Quality or Process engineering background if preferred.

  3. At least 8+ years hands on working experience in consumer electrical industry and 5+ years experience for electro-mechanical modules.

  4. Fluent English skill.

  5. Frequent travel and work under high pressure.

  6. Ability & experience interfacing at all levels of the organization

  7. Ability to articulate vision, independent decision-making and convey a sense of urgency

  8. Ability to adopt to a diversified, fast moving Cross Functional Team environment

  9. Be familiar of all or several of Battery, Speaker Module, HDMI, USB- Type C cable, FPCA/PCBA technology and process is highly desirable.

Industry: Internet