Facebook Process Technician, LED Hardware in Cork, Ireland


Our goal at Facebook Reality Labs(FRL) is to make the consumer virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences that ship in five to ten years great. Virtual reality today is a vast, highly interdisciplinary research space that has only begun to be explored; we are building a team capable of leapfrogging VR and AR forward by bringing together researchers and engineers spanning a wide range of expertise, including: optics, displays, audio, sensing, computer vision, scene reconstruction, graphics, animation, UX, haptics, machine learning and optimization, software and hardware engineering, social interaction, perceptual psychology and material sciences. Join us in creating the future.

The role of the Process Technician involves undertaking in-house wafer processing and the fabrication of LED prototypes, in addition to supporting the activities relating to equipment, process, and cycle-time improvement.

Required Skills:

  1. Operation of advanced process and metrology equipment.

  2. Fabrication of semiconductor-based devices in a clean room environment.

  3. Support process development and optimization, equipment and process troubleshooting.

  4. Delivery of device wafers for the needs of internal and external projects.

  5. Documentation and control responsibility for all processes and procedures related to the position.

  6. Collate and present processing and measurement results.

  7. Assist in the formulation and improvement of work procedures.

  8. Follow control procedures to ensure laboratory standards are maintained.

  9. Handling of liquid chemicals while wearing personal protective equipment.

  10. There is no requirement for night shift work, together with the team you will share responsibilities on meeting production deadlines.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Relevant Diploma or third level qualification or equivalent applicable industry experience.

  2. Experience in a process engineering environment, working with equipment and processes, preferably in a cleanroom laboratory or facility.

  3. Knowledge of computers and software necessary to operate advanced process and metrology equipment.

  4. Strong analytical, time management and organisational skills.

  5. A strong, hands-on individual contributor and a self-starter.

  6. Sound communication and interpersonal skills.

  7. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with others.

Industry: Internet