Facebook Software Engineer, Tracking in Zurich, Switzerland


Computer Vision is a key ingredient in developing great virtual reality technology. As an experienced software engineer at Oculus, you’ll be architecting and building the core computer vision technology that will power next-gen virtual reality. You’ll help deliver key products and systems that power Oculus’ computer vision and tracking algorithms. The ideal candidate is an experienced software engineer with a passion for virtual reality.

Required Skills:

  1. Help deliver an exceptional virtual reality experience by improving performance and quality of our computer vision software.

  2. Implement efficient data structures to enable faster image processing.

  3. Optimize tracking, localization and mapping algorithms.

  4. Support the development of Hardware and Software to enable better sensing of the user and her environment.

  5. Maintain high coding standards and cross-functional interaction with other Oculus teams.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or more in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field

  2. Experience in systems development

  3. 5+ years of experience developing low-level systems in C++, C

  4. Experience with hardware, drivers, or firmware

  5. SDK experience

Industry: Internet