Facebook Production Engineer, New Grad Dublin in Dublin, Ireland

Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share, and make the world more open and connected. Through our growing family of apps and services, we're building a different kind of company that helps billions of people around the world connect and share what matters most to them. Whether we're creating new products or helping a small business expand its reach, people at Facebook are builders at heart. Our global teams are constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to make the world more open and accessible. Connecting the world takes every one of us—and we're just getting started.

Production Engineers at Facebook are hybrid software/systems engineers who ensure that Facebook's services run smoothly and have the capacity for future growth. We are embedded in every one of Facebook's product and infrastructure teams, and are core participants in every significant engineering effort underway in the company. Our team is comprised of varying levels of experience and backgrounds, from university grads to industry veterans. Relevant industry experience is important, but ultimately less so than your demonstrated abilities and attitude. We sail into uncharted waters every day at Facebook in Production Engineering, and we are always learning. Graduate positions are located in our European Headquarters in Dublin.

Required Skills:

  1. Build and own back end services that manage and provision our datacenter and server fleet.

  2. Write tools and automation for our global network and one of the world's largest MySQL implementation.

  3. Write and review code, develop documentation and capacity plans, and debug the hardest problems, live, on some of the largest and most complex systems in the world

  4. Partnered alongside the best engineers in the industry on the coolest stuff around, the code and systems you work on will be in production and used by millions of users all around the world

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. BS or MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline

  2. Experience with UNIX and TCP/IP network fundamentals

  3. Ability to code in at least one language (even if it is not one that Facebook uses)

  4. Ability to rapidly learn new development languages (Python, PHP, C++, and Java are all in heavy use)

  5. Ability to pick up new software, frameworks and APIs quickly

    1. Sharp and tenacious troubleshooting skills: you can fix anything

    2. Ability to perform 'guerrilla capacity planning' for internet service architectures

    3. Experience with basic large-scale internet service architectures (such as load balancing, LAMP, CDN's), even if you haven't worked on one

    4. Configuration and maintenance of common applications such as Apache, memcached, Squid, MySQL, NFS, DHCP, NTP, SSH, DNS, and SNMP

    5. A healthy respect for our mottos "Move Fast" and "Be Bold"

    6. Good communications skills

    7. Detail oriented

Industry: Internet